Pee-Wee Football Drills – Fun Drills For Kids

June 28, 2011 2 Comments

By Steve Tucker,

Young players and coaches alike often associate the word “drills” with boring, repetitive exercises. However, there are pee wee football drills that actually make practice fun. Coaches should take advantage of high energy, enthusiastic young players by making drills into games as much as possible.

Kids will work harder and learn more technique while performing fun drills than they would through running sprints. The following football drills were designed with kids in mind, so they teach the basic skills beginning players need to learn while also being fresh and fun.

Youth Football Drills
Punt Catching Drill
This is a fun drill for returners to practice catching punts. Have the returner assume his position on the field. The punter will start kicking balls to him, and the returner has to catch as many as possible. The trick is, he cannot drop any of the balls he has already caught.

Each catch becomes more difficult because he has to figure out how to hold on to the balls in his arms while keeping his hands free to catch. Have the players compete to see who can handle the most balls, and the one with the best hands gets a reward, like not having to run laps at the end of practice.

Freeze Drill
For this pee wee football drill, have the players pair off. One player will be the quarterback for the drill, and the other player will be the receiver.

Position the players across from each other, about ten yards apart. The quarterbacks will each start with the ball, and the drill starts at the coach’s command.

Throughout the drill, the players must immediately respond to the coach’s instructions and then freeze. Coaches should observe to make sure players are using good technique throughout the drill, especially when the players are frozen.

Here are the commands the coaches should instruct the players to follow:

  • “Ready!” – The quarterback assumes his throwing position.
  • “Go!” – The quarterback throws the ball to the receiver.
  • “Catch!” – The receiver catches the ball and then freezes.
  • “Tuck!” – The receiver moves into the tuck position, with the ball secure, his head down, and his eyes on the ball.
  • “Toss back!” – The receiver throws the ball back to the quarterback.
  • “Catch!” – The quarterback receives the ball.

This drill should be completed three times, with players altering the height of the passes.

Balloon Drill
This is the ideal drill to conclude practice on a hot summer day. Have coaches and assistants line up beside the players as they run through the ladder drill.

The helpers will toss water balloons at the players as they complete the drill, and once a player has been hit, he is out. Players are motivated to be particularly quick and agile in order to stay in the game. The last player left wins and might get the reward of tossing a few balloons at the coach.

Steve Tucker is an author who has played and coached football for more than 23 years. For more free football drills, tips and coaching ideas, go here to watch a free video: Inside, you’ll discover dozens of unique, fun, and wickedly effective football practice drills you can take immediately to practice. Each one is simple to learn and easy to implement with your team.

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2 Comments to “Pee-Wee Football Drills – Fun Drills For Kids”
  1. Mitch says:

    Thanks Steve,
    Could you give me any drills to do by myself?
    From Mitch

  2. Matt says:

    I am a first year pee wee coach and if you could give me any more fun drills or plays I would greatly apreciate it.

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